Mega Drive – Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition [Hack]

Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition

Título: Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition
Ano: 2021
Autor: Master Linkuei / Chev Chelios / Danilo Dias
Sistema: Mega Drive / Genesis
Género: Rom Hack



– A LOT of hacking to add new conditions, sound samples, music, movements, new features… all by myself with the help from Billytime!Games.
– remade every bio and ending screen using the arcade gfx as base.
– Added the 2 absent screens from the Kano ending
– Every graphic made by PROBE software was changed or improved by Master Linkuei, Chev Chelios and Danilo Dias to look more accurate to the Arcade.
– A lot of new details for the stages
– New animation to courtyard (monks and tsung claps), Palace Gates (Flame), Warriors Shrine (Flame during Ermac fight), Throne Room (Shang Tsung head+Shang Tsung clap).
– Added +80 sound samples from the Arcade!
– BillyTime!Games added a SRAM feature to save the Winning Streak list.
– Improved gameplay removing delays and improving the timing.
– Option to change between original Music order or a more accurate one.


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