Zx Spectrum – Dizzy (Extended Edition 2021)

Dizzy (Extended Edition 2021)

Título: Dizzy (Extended Edition 2021)
Ano: 2021
Autor: Andrei Titov (Titus)
Editora: Code Masters (The Oliver Twins)
Sistema: Zx Spectrum 48k
Género: Aventura



* Dizzy’s sprite is now displayed ‘by mask’.
* Added Dizzy restore points for each screen.
* Graphics speed is accelerated by 3 times, the game is synchronized with frame scan if possible. Everything has become faster and smoother.
* Text scrollings have become absolutely smooth.
* Added +16 screens.
* Added +11 items and some other graphics.
* Some old objects are better drawn.
* The story has been significantly expanded.
* Added additional sounds.
* The water has turned blue color.
* Removed cheater ways to shorten complete of the game.
* Russian translation made.

* Fixed firewood below the boiler.
* Fixed accidental redefinition of control keys during the melody playing.
* Fixed pushing of items with hard surfaces to the top frame of the screen.
* Fixed non-working major digit of the score.
* The skeleton does not move right if objects are thrown at it. Items fall to the maze screen.
* Item names are now magenta instead of blue.
* Dizzy’s scattering and gathering does not spoil the scrolling objects.
* Fixed slow blinking and falling pickaxe.
* Fixed brightness bugs on the horizontal elevator line in ice caves.
* Fixed and improved scenario of defeating Zaks. Now after Zacks has moved down, he stops killing Dizzy.
* Fixed the upper snowflake of Zaks freezing on the amulet.
* The bridge above the skeleton is now restored upon entering the screen.
* The bottle does not jump until the fire is lit.
* Fixed flashing elevator rope in the mine.
* Fixed a spider moving in jerks on the screen with the hermit house.
* Fixed lighting of the header and screen frame. Now it is the same as in the game – top-left.
* Fixed some bugs on title screen.
* Fixed some internal bugs.


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